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Under the Skin

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As a newly formed alien being, Laura (Scarlett Johansson) lacks both understanding of and empathy for the victims she seduces on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland. But as she begins to encounter kindness and compassion among the human race, Laura begins to change…

Based on Michael Faber’s 2000 novel, UNDER THE SKIN has earned Jonathan Glazer a British Independent Film Award nomination for Best Director. Following the success of SEXY BEAST in 2000 and the eerie BIRTH in 2004, Glazer makes no apologies for waiting 10 years to release his next film. “It was very easy to spend that much time on the film,” he says. “I wanted to keep going until we were going to make something that in itself was a kind of experience that matched the perspective of the character.”

The resulting critically acclaimed experience is not so much character- or plot-driven, but “a dark and magical tale; one that’s filled with slow and hypnotic sequences that are punctuated with stark and shocking imagery.” Told largely through Laura’s point of view, it’s a look at the human condition through alien eyes that has been called “both beautiful and alarming.”

1h 48m/Rated R/Sci-Fi Thriller

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