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Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

There’s a popular fan theory that, in this crazed and joyful vision of friends taking on Chicago, the character of Ferris is really just a figment of Cameron’s imagination. Of course it doesn’t matter if it’s true – what matters is that the beating heart of this movie is Cameron, and the sensitivity his friends show him in trying to give him a good time. A fairytale of liberation, self-worth, confidence and the importance of pure fun, George Will (not your average film reviewer) called it “the moviest movie,” which is true in a lot of ways. It takes advantage of all the things a movie can do better than any other media – take chances, dip into the fantastical, create amazing images, and work as a discrete package. It’s probably John Hughes’s best movie, and that’s saying something. 

1h 43m / PG-13 / Comedy
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