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How To Build A Time Machine

How to Build A Time Machine is the story of two men obsessed with time travel for very different reasons, and who manifest that obsession in two very different ways. When theoretical physicist Dr. Ron Mallett was just 10 years old, his father died of a sudden heart attack. That loss drove him to become fixated on the idea of changing the past — upon reading the H. G. Wells classic The Time Machine, he decided he would devote his life to science in an attempt to discover a way to travel back in time and see his father again. Rob Niosi is a professional stop-motion animator who spent more than 13 years constructing a perfect, full-scale replica of the time machine prop from the 1960 movie adaptation of The Time Machine — it’s his attempt to recapture the thrilling feeling of seeing the film in the theatre as a child alongside his own father.

Both men are motivated by a longing to return to a long-gone moment, and both know they face an improbable or impossible task to satisfy that longing. But the compassionate eye of the movie itself (directed by Jay Cheel) presents them without judgment or ridicule, and never forgets that many of us hold in our hearts the same questions that inspire their journeys: what would you do if you could change the past? Where would you go if you could see the future?

Immediately following the screening, we will host an audience Q&A with How to Build A Time Machine's Dr. Ron Mallett live via video-chat. Dr. Antonio Paris, the Director of Planetarium and Space Programs at MOSI and an Astronaut Candidate for Project PoSSUM's Suborbital Mission will moderate the discussion, and audience members will be invited to submit questions in writing before and during the film. 

 1h 22m / Not Rated / Documentary
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