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Rumble in the Bronx

We here at REWIND HQ don’t really watch professional wrestling. But even as an outsider we can’t deny that wrestling has been having a bit of a cultural moment these past few years. Wrestlemania gets covered on ESPN; the Rock is one of the biggest celebrities in the world; Hulk Hogan is … you know, in the news. And one of the things wrestling fans will tell you (as a non-fan) to explain the appeal of sports-entertainment is that it’s a way of telling broad stories physically. It’s like soap opera or comic books, they’ll say. Bigger-than-life characters in a bigger-than-life morality play, with backflips and fake punches and well-choreographed gymnastics.

But at REWIND, when we hear that description, we don’t think wrestling — we think of kung-fu movies. Like The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Enter the Dragon, Five Fingers of Death, and of course the work of Jackie Chan. Chan revolutionized the genre. His movies aren’t just historical period pieces and deadly-serious tales of revenge; they’re often set in the present day, and they’re tremendously funny and sweet. As Roger Ebert said, “Don't tell me about the plot and the dialogue. Don't dwell on the acting. The whole point is Jackie Chan — and, like Astaire and Rogers, he does what he does better than anybody. There is a physical confidence, a grace, an elegance to the way he moves.” So there’s a sentiment REWIND will stand behind: Jackie Chan = Fred Astaire + Macho Man Randy Savage. Join us for Jackie’s first breakthrough to American audiences, the seminal kick-opera Rumble In the Bronx.

1h 27m / R / Action Comedy / 1995
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