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Sing-Along Grease

3:00pm Sunday, August 20

There’s no time like Tampa Theatre’s Summer Classics series to watch a movie about maybe the most famous summer romance ever. And there’s probably a lot to be said about why the late 1970s was so obsessed with the teen life of the 1950s, but Grease is an apotheosis of those ‘50s youth culture movies. Based on a hit Broadway musical and full of catchy songs (the soundtrack was the second-best selling album of 1978 behind the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever… has anybody ever had a better year than John Travolta’s 1978?), Grease elevates the teenage high-school romance of greaser Danny (Travolta) and prim Australian Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) as they navigate their respective cliques to Hollywood perfection. It’s a little corny, and it’s a little campy, just like a good musical should be. But, ah, those summer nights make it oh so unforgettable.

1h 50m/PG-13/Sing-Along Musical

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