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The Little Hours

People have been laughing at off-color jokes since the invention of laughing. There’s dirty graffiti all over the walls of Pompeii, the plays of Aristophanes are full of crude wordplay, and you can hardly read a scene of Shakespeare’s or a page of The Canterbury Tales without stumbling on some kind of raunchy double entendre. So don’t let the pastoral, historical setting fool you — The Little Hours, ostensibly based on one of the stories in 14th-century Italian romance anthology The Decameron, is a raucous, bawdy, end-to-end comedy escapade of entirely contemporary sensibility.

Starring a who’s-who of hot-right-now comedians like Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation, Dirty Grandpa), Alison Brie (Community, G.L.O.W.), Kate Micucci (from Don’t Think Twice, last year’s best ensemble comedy), Nick Offerman (also Parks and Rec, celebrity beard-haver) and Fred Armisen (SNL, Portlandia, Documentary Now), The Little Hours is the story of a convent full of very worldly nuns and the handsome, deaf-mute young man who becomes the object of their desire. Come see the movie that Variety called “hilarious … shenanigans” and the Catholic League called “pure trash”:  It’s sacrilegious, irreverent, and wet-your-habit funny.

1h 30m / R / Comedy
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