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The Host (2006)

It’s frankly unfair that Korean horror doesn’t get much attention in the West. Italian gore and giallo is beloved; twisted psychological thrillers from France, Sweden and eastern Europe have a lot of cinephile fans, and Japanese neo-ghost stories like Ringu have spawned dozens of remakes and clones. But aside from The Host (and maybe I Saw the Devil), Korean horror gets overlooked. Which is a shame, because The Host is easily one of the best monster movies of the last 30 years.

Careless chemical pollution (even worse, by an American) leads to the birth of something horrific and kind of… fishy… in the Han river of South Korea. The movie wastes zero time in showing the monster snatching up and devouring countless people, and it’s up to a family caught up in the tragedy to try to destroy the creature and save the world. The Host is equal parts gross, funny (the monster is famously modeled after the actor Steve Buscemi), and smart – a straight-up thrill-ride from the director of Snowpiercer, it’s pure entertainment all the way through.

2006 / R / 2h / Sci-Fi

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