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Noelle (played by Francesca Eastwood in a breakout performance) is a visual arts grad student at a prestigious Southern California arts school. Creatively blocked and socially awkward, she is lured in when a charismatic and talented classmate (Peter Vack, Mozart in the Jungle) invites her to a party. But a vicious, brutal act of violence changes the trajectory of her life forever. The authorities are uninterested in bringing her rapist to justice. Her university wants desperately to ignore the problem. And while she focuses her pain and fury into new heights of creativity, the reality of other assaults on other women eventually forces her to take a more direct path to the vengeance and retribution she needs.

Eastwood proves herself to indeed be Dirty Harry’s daughter, trading his steely, casual violence for vulnerability and fiery determination that feels much more captivating to watch and much more relevant to our current moment. M.F.A. is eager to address sensitive topics, unafraid to expose the viewer to difficult images, unwilling to entertain the slimy creep-factor of other revenge tales, and absolutely steadfast in its support of Noelle’s journey. Critics are calling it an “atomic bomb of truth” (birth.movies.death), “dark, devastating and yet empowering” (We Live Film), and “eye opening” (Variety). Come see this confrontational, modern vigilante story and decide for yourself.

1h 35min / R / Thriller
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