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The Road Warrior (1981)

Australian director George Miller has made an entire career out of establishing a particular vision of a post-nuclear apocalypse and iterating on it, depicting how humans become inhuman to each other when stuck in torturous landscapes of desperation and want. But enough about Babe: Pig in the City – let’s talk about Mad Max.

The Road Warrior has Miller returning to “Mad” Max Rockatansky, our protagonist in the wasteland from the before-times when you could watch a Mel Gibson movie without having complicated feelings. Max has gone from an unbalanced and reluctant survivor in the original movie to an anti-hero straight out of a Western movie; having lost his wife, he decides it’s better to protect a defenseless town from the bemasked Lord Humungus (Miller excels at creating villains) than leave them all to die. So often it’s the sequel that really creates the franchise, and it’s especially true of The Road Warrior.

1h 34min / R / Sci-Fi Adventure
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