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Dune (1984)

One of the best part of REWIND movies is how frequently they can be engaged with and enjoyed along multiple dimensions at once. Sometimes that’s enjoying both the high-brow and the low-brow aspects of one movie; sometimes it’s laughing at the movie’s failures while still loving its successes. Dune is, let’s say, an idiosyncratic adaptation of its beloved and viciously guarded source material; it definitely gets some things right and some things very wrong (looking at you, Sting). But besides presenting just a visually arresting version of a fictional, far-flung universe, it also sets up another thought experiment: what David Lynch might have ended up being. Now regarded as a masterful auteur of the secret darkness that lurks in the hearts of “normal” people, he almost ended up a genre movie director. Eraserhead to The Elephant Man to this movie – there’s a shadow version of David Lynch in the universe next door where he’s directing Avengers movies and this is a porthole into that terrifying place.
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