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Reefer Madness

Consider this a public service announcement: did you know that Florida recently passed laws expanding the legal status of medical marijuana? Believe it or not, it’s true! And you should probably sit down for this: other states around the Union have even decriminalized recreational marijuana usage! Astounding, considering that even-handed and scientifically researched documentaries about the dangers of the devil’s lettuce like Reefer Madness have been around since 1936. And so Tampa Theatre, on 4/20 for no particular reason, will be screening Reefer Madness in the hopes of educating a whole new generation of at-risk youth about the myriad ways weed and jazz music can destroy their lives. And since it’s only about an hour long, we’ll also be including an assortment of classic anti-drug PSAs and public-domain cartoons as free bonuses before the show. REWIND is for the kids (editor’s note: REWIND is not appropriate for kids, we meant it in the Trick Daddy sense).

1h 6m (will include additional materials) / NR / Drama, Thriller
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