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In recent years, May the 4th has been claimed by film fans around the world as Star Wars Day, thanks to its phonetic similarity to that famous phrase “may the Force be with you.” So on May 4th, Tampa Theatre and REWIND is very proud to present the … sorry hold on a second, just got an email … hmm. Did you know how expensive it is to screen the Star Wars movies? Turns out it’s an extremely valuable IP controlled by the most profitable media company in the galaxy. Aaaand so, on May 4th, Tampa Theatre and REWIND is alternatively proud to present Spaceballs, Mel Brooks’ genius satirical send-up of the wave of mainstream science fiction of the early ‘80s, and a very reasonably-priced film to exhibit! 

Brooks had taken on all the biggest targets of his era: Westerns, monster movies, Broadway producers, the entire history of the world. It’s about time Star Wars got its shot! Come see: John Candy as the iconic Barf! Thrill to: Bill Pullman in his third- or fourth-best film role (looking at you, The Serpent and the Rainbow)! Finally understand: all those Dark Helmet memes you’ve seen online! And honestly, take a break from Star Wars; REWIND knows you have them all memorized anyway. We’re not judging, we do too.

1h 36m / PG / Adventure, Comedy, Sci-fi
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