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Mulholland Drive (2001)

People really used to have a problem with David Lynch. Yes, that quirky, silver-haired auteur, fringe darling of the mainstream, the guy who made a direct sequel to Twin Peaks, the guy you can watch make quinoa on Youtube. It’s true! He was considered inscrutable, even dangerous. Of course, everything weird gets less weird as familiarity with it increases, and culture always bends strangeness back towards normality over time. But the other reason that progression is particularly obvious in this example is that David Lynch himself has not changed at all. His movies are all different but they all feel ineffably the same, native to the same world — definitely not the world we live in. Lynch seems to apprehend better than most how comprehensively movies are not real life, are not really even capable of representing real life.

Somehow we’ve gotten this far and not said anything about the movie, so here: Mulholland Drive is the ominous ketamine nightmare of someone having Sunset Boulevard projected into one eye and La La Land into the other. If Lynch is for you, you’re a passionate fan; if he isn’t, you hate everything he makes. And in 2018, there are a lot more of the former. That passion is what makes Mulholland Drive a perfect REWIND movie. Come get weird with us.

2h 27m / R / Thriller

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